Elon Musk's latest venture, The Boring Company "Flamethrower," was announced a few days ago. Though many thought it was a joke, it's very much a real product. This came as a surprise to some and raised the ire of one California politician in particular - Assemblyman Miguel Santos - who felt the product was risky enough to warrant a potential sales ban in the state.

Still, potential legislation against Musk's newest product hasn't been enough to deter the public from trying to get their hands on it. According to Musk in a tweet yesterday, all 20,000 Boring Company flamethrowers have sold out in under four days.

At $500 per unit, that's a tidy sum of $10 million for Musk's company. Not bad for a product seemingly created on a whim. Unfortunately for flame lovers, Musk hasn't yet stated whether or not The Boring Company will be producing more flamethrowers in the future, though "way more fun" snowthrowers could be on the way.

As Engadget notes, there are other options on the market for those who simply can't go without a flame-spewing device in their life. The XM42-M is one of the cheaper options at $899 with about 30ft of range, compared to The Boring Company flamethrower's "under 10ft" of range.