In brief: For those who like to listen to Spotify playlists at the gym but prefer not to risk damaging their smartphone, last year’s ‘Mighty’ music player seemed like the perfect solution. Now, an updated version of the device has arrived, which adds better battery life and improved connectivity.

The original Mighty, which raised just over $300,000 on Kickstarter, was deservedly called “the iPod Shuffle for Spotify,” letting users of the streaming service listen to over 1000 songs without needing an online connection.

The new version, called the Mighty Vibe, gives buyers some new color options; as well as the original’s black, it’s available in red and blue, instead of white and orange.

The main changes address some of the issues people had with the first Mighty. For a start, you no longer have to keep your wireless headphones (it also works with wired versions) close to the unit to ensure a solid connection. Thanks to the upgraded Bluetooth antenna, you should be able to pick up the signal from up to 20 feet away. The Vibe works with all Bluetooth devices, and it’s still sweat and water resistant, which is pretty important for those sweaty workouts and runs in the rain.

A larger battery means the Mighty Vibe will last for five hours or more on a single charge. While that’s what the first device was said to offer, most people found it rarely hit this mark. You also get a redesigned companion app for an improved user experience.

Best of all, the Vibe costs the same $86 as its predecessor. It’s available to order right now.