Why it matters: Spotify's upcoming promotion is a clever way to attract new customers and steer existing listeners away from smart speaker platforms that make it easier to consume competitors' services, like Amazon's Echo line. Google benefits as well as more users will soon have its smart speaker in their homes.

Spotify Premium for Family master account owners in the US can nab a free Google Home Mini smart speaker as part of their subscription. The promotion begins on November 1 and runs through December 31, 2018. You'll be able to sign up over on Spotify's Family plan page.

Spotify Premium for Family affords personalized Spotify accounts for up to six family members for $14.99 per month. Google Home Mini retails for $49 in the Google Store.

By partnering with Google, Spotify is increasing the reach of both its music service and the smart speaker. It's a proactive move on Spotify's part as it aims to keep consumers from investing in other smart speaker ecosystems - namely, Amazon and its growing Alexa-powered family of devices that now includes everything from wall clocks to microwaves.

Data from Consumer Intelligence Research Partners (CIRP) shared this summer revealed that Amazon's Echo had captured 70 percent of the US installed base for smart speakers.

Using its Voice Match technology, Google Home can identify up to six people, allowing each to have a personalized experience. With voice commands, listeners can request specific songs, control the action hands-free and have Google identify tracks and help find new music.

According to a recent survey from Adobe, nearly half of US consumers could own a smart speaker by 2019.