Earlier this year, Apple made the decision to launch a pilot program that allowed owners of "legacy" iMacs and MacBook Airs to get their devices repaired. Given how quickly Apple rolls out new products, and the tech giant's focus on convincing users to buy new devices instead of hold on to their old ones, it was an unexpected (but welcome) move.

Soon, according to a new MacRumors report, Apple will be expanding that pilot service further to cover a few additional devices. That list of devices is split in two: One set of gadgets will become available for vintage repair on November 30, while the other will be added to the program on December 30.

The former covers the iPhone 4S and 2012's 15-inch MacBook Pro, and the latter will include 2012 and 2013's 13 and 15-inch MacBook Pros, as well as the 2012 Mac Pro. If this assortment of products seems a bit random, that's probably because it is - maybe. As MacRumors speculates, it's possible that Apple is only offering this pilot program for products it still happens to have spare parts for.

If that's the case, that supply of parts will most likely dry up eventually, as will your opportunity to repair any of the products mentioned above. So, if your old MacBook Pro, Mac Pro or iPhone 4S isn't functioning as it should be, head down to your local Apple Store in the coming months to try your luck.

Image courtesy iFixit