Free speech is becoming a hot-button issue on social media platforms as of late. While free speech is still well-defended from a legal perspective, many individual social networks, like Facebook and Twitter, have begun to police their users much more heavily, which has led many users to seek less-censored alternatives.

That's where Gab comes in. The website prides itself on being a safe haven for free speech. Users can express just about any opinion – even ones that would be considered extremely problematic on other social media websites – with relatively few repercussions.

Unfortunately for Gab's fans, the platform was blacklisted by its former domain registrar GoDaddy, as well as multiple payment processors after alleged Pittsburgh synagogue shooter Robert Bowers used the website as a place to post anti-Semitic "conspiracy theories."

However, it seems these companies couldn't keep Gab down for long. The social network appears to be back up, thanks to domain provider Epik lending its support and understanding.

The company today posted a blog post explaining its decision to work with Gab. To summarize, Epik feels what's happened to Gab is morally wrong, saying "de-platforming" is equivalent to digital censorship, while blacklisting is akin to "digital shunning."

Time will tell whether or not Epik's opinion will change, but for now, Gab will live to fight another day.