Rumor mill: Replacing the PlayStation controller's touch-sensitive pad with an actual touchscreen makes a lot of sense although one has to wonder if the added expense would be a worthwhile investment. How much would a mini screen be worth to you?

Sony may be looking to build a touchscreen-equipped controller for its next PlayStation console if a recent patent application continuation is any indication.

The application, titled "Gaming Controller," introduces the possibility of adding a touchscreen to Sony's iconic PlayStation controller. Current PlayStation controllers feature a touch-enabled center button that makes it easier to navigate menus and the like but a full-on screen would be something entirely different and open up a whole host of possibilities.

If it does come to fruition, it's worth noting that Sony wouldn't be the first to experiment with adding a touchscreen to a gamepad. Nintendo did so with its Wii U back in 2012 although the system was largely a flop. Nintendo's follow-up console, the Switch, has already proven much more successful.

Sony's implementation looks as if it would be different than the Switch, likely complementing an existing console like the PlayStation 4 or even the company's next system with handy stats or notifications rather than serving as a central focus point.

It's worth reiterating that this is just a patent application and there is no guarantee that Sony will develop the idea into anything more.