Sony may be working on a touchscreen-equipped PlayStation controller

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Sony may be looking to build a touchscreen-equipped controller for its next PlayStation console if a recent patent application continuation is any indication.

The application, titled “Gaming Controller,” introduces the possibility of adding a touchscreen to Sony’s iconic PlayStation controller. Current PlayStation controllers feature a touch-enabled center button that makes it easier to navigate menus and the like but a full-on screen would be something entirely different and open up a whole host of possibilities.

If it does come to fruition, it’s worth noting that Sony wouldn’t be the first to experiment with adding a touchscreen to a gamepad. Nintendo did so with its Wii U back in 2012 although the system was largely a flop. Nintendo’s follow-up console, the Switch, has already proven much more successful.

Sony’s implementation looks as if it would be different than the Switch, likely complementing an existing console like the PlayStation 4 or even the company’s next system with handy stats or notifications rather than serving as a central focus point.

It’s worth reiterating that this is just a patent application and there is no guarantee that Sony will develop the idea into anything more.

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The point of the controller is to have tactile controls that you don't need to look at after you're used to the layout (or at least that's what I expect).
A touchscreen wouldn't have that luxury. To check it (to confirm controls, or that you're hitting the right control) would take your eyes off of the main screen, which wouldn't be terribly convenient for most realtime games...

I just don't see how it would be worth the price.


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Pointless gimmick.

Touchpad, HD Rumble, Sixaxis, Kinect. All gimmicks that shouldn't exist. This will be the same especially when added retrospectively into the consoles life cycle.


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Considering how terrible the DS4 experience is in Windows, I don't see how this would change anything. Sony dropped the ball here. They should have made the DS4s fully compatible and easy to use right out of the box. And the micro-USB ports are an absolute joke; they pop in and out at will, even with brand new high-end USB cords. The socket was only made for charging, not for wired gaming. So you have to buy a ~$50 Sony dongle just to make things work? And it's for each controller you want to use? Terrible. Shameful.


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What is the point of putting a touchscreen on the controller? The whole point of a controller is that you dont have to look at it!


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The battery on the current controllers isn't exactly great, please don't go sticking in screens. They'll just be rubbish...
The power requirements and demands would need to be revised me thinks and a more powerful efficient battery incorporated into any touchscreen controller design.

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I just want a controller that doesn't break and is corded. Also 1080p 60fps would be nice next generation, it won't matter what controller you use if the game is sluggish.


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DS4Windows is terrible. SCP Toolkit is much better, but lacks solid Bluetooth support. In both cases you're screwed. Some games simply won't work with either.
Came across a few games like that myself. Wolfenstein The New Colossus for instance.
I mainly use DS4Windows because it allows motion compatibility with the PS4 controller on CEMU.