In brief: As a group of Fallout 76 players recently found out, more isn't always better. After coordinating a triple nuke strike, the server stopped responding and they were booted from play. Surely Bethesda had planned for such a scenario, right?

It didn't take long for gamers to drop the first nuke in Fallout 76. The player-triggered end-game event isn't exactly a cakewalk to initiate as multiple steps are involved (this tool helps speed along the process) although because beta progress carried over to the main launch, it only took about one day for the first atomic bomb to hit West Virginia.

If one nuke is good, then surely more must be better, right?

To find out, YouTube user Nickaroo93 and his crew recently staged the simultaneous launch of three nukes. Apparently, that was simply too much radiation for a single server to handle. Shortly after dropping the bombs and attempting to venture into ground zero, they were booted from the game.

Nickaroo93 told The Verge that his squad now wants to try launching nukes at three different regions on the map (rather than all in the same place) to see how the server responds.

Bethesda on Monday pushed out a new patch for Fallout 76 that introduces multiple performance and stability improvements. The full patch notes don't mention anything about changes to how nukes operate, however.