The big picture: Warner Bros just set loose Sean Bean in Hitman 2 as the game's first Elusive Target. Agents will have 14 days to find and kill "The Undying" before he escapes forever. Don't miss out on his special loot --- an exploding pen device.

Last month Warner Bros Interactive released a trailer featuring Sean Bean as Agent 47's first Elusive Target for Hitman 2. The actor most known for his tendency to die in films will be portraying a target codenamed "The Undying," an obvious nod toward Bean's many death scenes.

For those unaware, elusive targets in Hitman and Hitman 2 are hit jobs that are only available for a limited period of time. Also, if you screw up the mission or get killed, the target escapes and cannot be pursued again. The rewards for these optional missions are usually some type of unique gear.

Rock, Paper, Shotgun notes, The Undying went live today, and Hitman 2 players have 14 days to whack him. He reportedly hangs out in VIP rooms or the conference center on the Miami map. Successful hits will receive a unique exploding pen.

How does he die? Well, that's up to the player this time. Get creative.

Hitman 2 launched on November 13 and has already garnered favorable reviews earning it a metascore of 83 with mostly Good or Excellent ratings.

"Hitman 2 takes what its predecessor did best and improves on it visually and mechanically," said Riley MacLeod in his review. "It's a cerebral game, a sandbox that can be bloodless or chaotic depending on who's pulling 47's strings."

So far there has been no word on who the next elusive target will be, but there is time for that after Bean has made his final exit. If you want to claim that you have iced the most killed man in show business, you better get busy. The clock is ticking.