Highly anticipated: The thinking behind most open-world games these days seems to be: the bigger, the better. Judging from its most recent gameplay video, Beyond Good and Evil 2 adheres to this belief. Ubisoft’s upcoming title looks absolutely massive, and very promising.

The latest footage comes from Ubisoft’s fourth Space Monkey Report, which consisted of an hour-long livestream documenting the game’s ongoing development. It contained around 25 minutes of Alpha gameplay, and the company has compiled everything into a short YouTube video (above) that explains the most important elements.

We all know not to get too excited about a game after seeing early pre-release footage, but Beyond Good and Evil 2 is looking mighty impressive. Games such as Assassin’s Creed Odyssey and Red Dead Redemption 2 are making huge, open-world titles ever more popular, and it appears that BGaE 2 will be another one that swallows up many hours of your life as you travel through its star system.

Characters, equipment, and vehicles can all be customized, which adds new abilities. Combat, for example, can be enhanced using augments, making it appear very Mass Effect-like. You can also scan areas to discover enemies' gear and abilities before attacking.

The game includes an online element where friends can drop in and out as they please. Best of all, you don’t have to stay close to them as you explore this universe.

All players get a sword, a gun, and a jetpack as their default equipment, and there are numerous flying vehicles that can be commandeered.

Seamlessly transitioning between ground combat to flying and then into space makes the game look like a technical marvel—you can even look down on a planet from orbit. Hopefully, the final version of the game will be as good as this video suggests. Sadly, no word yet on a possible release date.