Fallout 76 isn't exactly Bethesda's most well-received RPG. Even if you've found enjoyment with the game, it's clear that many players have become frustrated with its buggy nature, and its general lack of polish.

However, one thing the game does have going for it is its straightforward, and purely-cosmetic microtransaction system. While the prices of some items are arguably a bit high, there is no randomness associated with the system. That means there aren't any loot boxes, and Bethesda has previously promised that they will never come to the game.

While that may still be the case, a recent article published by PC Gamer suggests Bethesda might be willing to go back on its word. As the outlet spotted, Fallout 76's latest patch changelog has made its way to Reddit, courtesy of user Despotak. The changelog is filled with language that refers to "lunch boxes," which appear to be items that "explode in a shower of confetti and balloons."

When opened, lunch boxes give users ranging from "party favours and gift bags" to gameplay-affecting buffs and bonuses.

At first, you might wonder what the problem is here. After all, lunch boxes might be something you simply earn in game, and never have to pay for. However, in many cases when the term "lunch box" shows up in the changelog, its accompanied by "ATX," which reportedly refers to the Atom Shop (Fallout 76's in-game microtransaction storefront).

Only time will tell how Fallout 76's lunch boxes work in practice, but given the less-than-ideal launch the game has experienced so far, many players are likely anticipating the worst.