Something to look forward to: While desk PCs have been around for a while, Taiwanese manufacturer Lian Li's DK-04-F has a few tricks up its sleeve that separates it from the pack.

First shown off at CES earlier this month, the desk is an updated version of the DK-04. While it retains many elements of that model, the latest iteration comes with a unique feature: being able to switch between a clear glass top and a frosted one.

Owners can change between transparent and foggy using the included remote control, meaning you can hide the desk's internals from across the room if you so wish. The feature works by changing the opacity of a layer when a current passes through it.

Another cool element of this chassis is that it is height adjustable using an electronic motor, allowing it to be used as either a standard or a standing desk. You can even save four preset heights and automatically change to each one at the touch of a button.

The DK-04-F has plenty of features you would see in regular PC cases, including a USB Type-C port, four Type-A 3.1 ports, HDMI, and two audio jacks. There are also fan and RGB controls, though as Techreport notes, their inclusion might not be finalized.

The interior of the desk is big enough to pack plenty of high-end components, including water cooling systems, large GPUs, tall CPU cooling towers, and plenty of storage drives. Unsurprisingly, the DK-04-F isn't cheap. At $1200, you could build a hefty PC for the same price. No word yet on availability.

The health benefits of standing desks have led to more companies introducing them into the workplace. Tim Cook is a big fan---all Apple Park employees have them. If you're thinking about making the switch, check out our starter guide here.

Images courtesy of Techreport