Cool: We've been able to remove unwanted objects from our photos for a while now. With Adobe's Spring updates, now we can remove them from our videos too. After Effects now uses machine learning to remove objects or even people from video clips.

Remember how cool it was when Adobe introduced Content-Aware Fill in Photoshop? Now it has brought it to After Effects for video. If you don't use Photoshop or are not aware of what this feature is, you have been missing out on a really cool tool.

Content-Aware Fill was first introduced to Photoshop with Creative Suite 6. The feature allows users to remove unwanted objects from a photo by covering it with elements that resemble the surrounding background.

With the aid of machine learning, Adobe has brought Content-Aware Fill functionality to video with the Spring update to After Effects. Now users can remove unwanted elements from footage without tediously editing frame by frame.

The feature uses Adobe's Sensei AI platform to remove identified objects from the video even if they are moving across the frame. As with the Photoshop counterpart, the results are stunningly convincing.

An early version of the feature was demonstrated Adobe's Sneak Peeks 2017 under the codename Project Cloak. Content-Aware Fill for After Effects allows you to mask off the objects in one frame and Sensei tracks and removes them from the rest. Whether you need to remove the boom mic from a scene or a person, this feature will make post-production a breeze.

Content-Aware Fill for After Effects is available for Creative Cloud subscribers. You can check out more details on it and other Spring releases at Adobe's blog.