Amazon is easily one of the most convenient places to shop. With services like Prime (which offers free one or two-day shipping) and Prime Now, which grants users same-day shipping, Amazon gives shoppers more ways to easily grab their favorite groceries, tech gadgets, and other products than almost any other website.

Thanks to Amazon's helpful review system, shoppers are also more informed than they've been in the past. Unfortunately, that system isn't perfect. Many unsavory individuals have taken to setting up fake 5-star reviews to make their products look better than they really are.

If you've been tricked by one of these fakes in the past, you may have chosen to take advantage of Amazon's return system.

Typically, this system requires you to pack up your defective or otherwise unwanted item and visit your local UPS office to send it back. Soon, the process could be a bit simpler, though. Kohl's has announced that all of its stores "Nationwide" will begin to accept Amazon returns, hassle-free, sometime in July.

You won't need a box or label to initiate the return. As long as the item is eligible for a refund or replacement (you can check its eligibility on Amazon itself), you can stop by your local Kohl's and drop it off; presumably at the customer service desk.

Kohl's also claims that, much like Amazon's normal return policy, items can be sent back for virtually any reason at no cost. If you don't have the time or inclination to box your item up for shipping properly, Kohl's will handle that for you as well.