Facepalm: With the Galaxy Note 7 debacle now years in the past, Samsung probably never expected to experience similar, if non-explosive, design issues in its products again. But the Galaxy Fold review units proved otherwise. If that wasn’t bad enough, it appears there’s also a flaw in its recent Galaxy Tab S5e.

Back in February, Samsung unveiled what it said is its thinnest, lightest tablet ever: the $399 Tab S5e. Sadly for the company, the tablet appears to suffer from a major design drawback. As reported by SamMobile, several users have reported experiencing Wi-Fi disconnections whenever their hand covers the lower-left corner of the device. This occurs when using the Tab in landscape mode with the front-facing camera on the left.

It appears that when a user’s hand is in this position, it blocks the Wi-Fi signal from reaching the tablet’s integrated receiver. You can always remedy the issue by switching the Tab around so the front-facing camera is on the right, or use it in portrait mode, but it’s still something Samsung should have caught in the testing phase.

One Instagram user posted a picture showing the disconnection issue. He also claimed that this is the second Tab S5e to experience the problem. Being a hardware fault, it can’t be addressed with a software update.

It’s worth noting that this doesn’t seem to be affecting every unit. SamMobile tried to replicate the issue but never lost the Wi-Fi connection, though the signal strength did drop by 50 percent.

Samsung hasn’t commented on the matter—it’s probably busy trying to fix the Galaxy Fold—but maybe it’ll take Steve Jobs’ approach to similar complaints about the iPhone 4 and tell people they’re holding it wrong.