In context: The Galaxy Fold has thus far been a PR disaster for Samsung but there's still time to get it right. The competition doesn't seem any closer to releasing competing foldable devices, especially with Huawei on the naughty list.

Samsung's Galaxy Fold smartphone featuring a bendable display was supposed to launch on April 26 but days before the big date, Samsung delayed the phone's release indefinitely as it worked to remedy issues that led to multiple display failures in early review units.

Samsung later announced that pre-orders for the $2,000 handset through its website would automatically be cancelled if it didn't ship by May 31. Best Buy followed suit shortly after, canceling its pre-orders on May 24 and now, AT&T is doing the same.

The nation's second largest wireless provider this week sent out e-mails to pre-order customers to inform them of the cancellation. In the message, AT&T notes that Samsung delayed the release of the Fold "which means we can't ship your phone and have to cancel your pre-order."

Customers that have already been charged will receive a prompt refund, AT&T said. What's more, as a gesture of goodwill, AT&T will also send affected customers a $100 promotional card within the next 60 days for the trouble.

Earlier this month, a Samsung spokesperson told CNET that a new release date would be announced in the coming weeks. With any luck, we may finally see the handset hit retail sometime this summer barring any further delays.

AT&T e-mail message credit: Tom's Guide