Most avid tech enthusiasts are already aware that Tesla has been trying to expand its car line-up to be a bit more varied. The company is working on a semi truck, a crossover called the "Model Y," and even a cyberpunk-themed pickup truck.

That last vehicle seems to be particularly interesting to many Tesla fans. There are very few electric pickup trucks on the market at the moment and precisely zero that contain Tesla's fancy hardware and self-driving tech. Unfortunately, Tesla's pickup isn't going to be arriving anytime soon, and some individuals – such as the "Queen of Shitty Robots," Simone Giertz – have started to grow a bit impatient.

As such, Giertz decided recently that she would take matters into her own hands, and simply make the truck herself.

In a new 31-minute video published to her YouTube channel (where she posts most of her goofy, dangerous, or otherwise impractical engineering projects), Giertz and three of her friends work together to convert a $35,000 Model 3 into a full pickup truck.

The entire process can be seen in the video above. Along with her team of engineers, Giertz rips out most of the Model 3's interior, including the seats, trim, and other accent pieces. After doing so, they sliced off the trunk and the roof's rear section.

After enough space was cleared, the engineers were able to implement a truck bed – the end result (dubbed "Truckla") isn't the most elegant-looking thing in the world, but it's a surprisingly functional conversion for a woman whose robots and other projects rarely work as intended.