What just happened? Adam Sandler movies, especially his more recent ones, can be real 'love it or hate it' affairs, but it seems the actor is bringing in the viewers for Netflix. His latest project to appear on the streaming service, the Jennifer Aniston-starring 'Murder Mystery,' has just had the biggest opening weekend ever for a Netflix original movie, having been watched by around 30.9 million accounts in its first 3 days.

Back in 2015, Netflix signed Sandler to an exclusive four-movie deal. And while one of these, The Ridiculous Six, was savaged by reviewers (Rotten Tomatoes critics score: 0 percent), it still became the most-watched new release in Netflix history back in 2016, which is probably why the company signed the actor up for another four movies in 2017---the same year it revealed that Netflix customers had spent more than half a billion hours streaming Adam Sandler titles.

Netflix said it counts someone as viewing a program if they watch at least 70 percent of that title. According to a tweet, which Netflix confirmed, Murder Mystery was viewed by 13,374,914 accounts in the US and Canada, and 17,494,949 more worldwide.

Murder Mystery is one of Sandler's better-reviewed films of late. He stars as a cop who gets caught up in a murder investigation while on a belated honeymoon with his hairdresser wife, played by Aniston.

Netflix hadn't been as forthcoming about its viewing figures until recently. Some of its biggest hits include Bird Box, which has been watched by over 80 million people; Triple Frontier, which attracted 52 million viewers in its first month of release, and The Umbrella Academy, which brought 45 million views in its first four weeks.