WTF?! Hopes for a summer launch for the Galaxy Fold have been slipping further away as time progresses. Although Samsung keeps saying that it is close to being ready, there has been no release date hinted at, not even a loose one. Now the company is saying it is really ready --- still no general timeframe, but it's "ready to hit the market."

Samsung's initial launch of the Galaxy Fold did not go so well. After review devices started having problems, the company ended up postponing the release. In May, it said it had a fix and would release in June, but after a while, that seemed unlikely as well.

It has now been close to two months, and the last we heard was that a release date would be announced "in the coming weeks." That was earlier this month from a Samsung spokesperson. The rough guess was that maybe we'd see a launch in August.

This week The Investor noted, subsidiary Samsung Display's Vice President Kim Seong-cheol sounded much more optimistic about an upcoming release date but was still rather vague about it.

"Most of the display problems have been ironed out," said the Samsung exec at a display industry conference in Seoul. "The Galaxy Fold is ready to hit the market."

While he did not have any specifics on the relaunch, "ready to hit the market" seems to indicate it's good to go. However, with the way Samsung has been drip feeding the media on the matter, Seong-cheol's statement could just be more "hurry up and wait" placating.

Understandably, Samsung does not want to rush the Fold out to consumers like it nearly did in April. The last thing the South Korean tech giant needs is another Galaxy disaster like it had with the Note 7. However, continuing to say to a clamoring media "it's coming, it's coming" when it's not, looks almost as bad. It would be better to ignore requests for comment for now and only speak up when the Galaxy Fold actually has a release date set.