Bottom line: The Galaxy Fold has gotten off to a rough start and Samsung is canceling some press events to limit further reputation damage. The $2,000 folding phones are still scheduled to go on sale without delay.

Samsung has pushed the envelope on what we view as possible in smartphone designs. Unfortunately, the Galaxy Fold has been having some problems in the hands of reviewers. As stock prices fell, Samsung has gone into damage control mode by postponing press events originally scheduled for this week in China.

As Samsung continues to look into why their flexible displays have been prematurely dying or having issues, potential buyers are likely to become even more skeptical of the nearly $2,000 price point. Samsung does have a reputation for making excellent displays, but poor first impressions on a brand new product are difficult to get past.

Arguably, the Galaxy Fold is not meant to be a phone for the majority of consumers. It is only truly accessible to those who want the latest and greatest gadgets available and have the money to obtain them. The 'early adopter tax' and willingness to put up with a slightly less polished user experience make the Galaxy Fold less than ideal for a lot of buyers. However, just because some handsets have been shown to have issues, that may not deter those who are really interested in a folding phone right now.

For now, Samsung plans to keep its US release date set for April 26 with sales beginning in South Korea and Europe in May. Chinese markets will gain access to the Galaxy Fold on a still undisclosed date.