Bottom line: Bye Bye Camera is more of an artistic tool at this stage although with a bit of refinement, it could conceivably be transformed into a commercial venture. For now, however, if you're looking for usable results, you'd be best served by sticking with Photoshop (even if you aren't very good at it).

There's no shortage of apps and filters designed to make people look better in photographs. For an app called Bye Bye Camera, however, the goal is quite the opposite - to erase the human element entirely.

Bye Bye Camera uses neural networks to erase people from photos, intelligently filling in the void with what it believes would otherwise be there with help from an image recognition app called Yolo. It's not perfect - in fact, it's not really all that great at all. You'd likely get better results tinkering around on your own in Photoshop without much experience but that imperfection is part of its charm.

In speaking to The Verge, Damjanski - the app's creator - said he enjoys the mistakes it makes. "I'm like a small child --- I've been taking images all the time. And when it works, great; when it doesn't, it's also funny."

As such, he sees it as more of an artistic tool rather than a commercial venture that aims for perfection. "One of the things I really enjoy is that the app takes out humans, but it keeps their shadows," he added.

If you're interested in giving this post-human era camera app a whirl, it's available to download on the App Store for $2.99.

Masthead credit: Person taking photo with a smartphone by Yulia Grigoryeva