Tesla has been playing musical chairs with its car line-up for quite a while now. After finally meeting its promise to ship a $35,000 Model 3 (which required several cost-cutting measures to be implemented), the company later decided to make that a special-request item only – it isn't available as a standard online order.

Then, the company released lower-cost versions of the Model X and S that included software-locked batteries. However, more recently, the base price of those vehicles was raised due to the elimination of their Standard models. Now, you'll be paying $79,990 for the Long Range Model S and $84,990 for the Long Range Model X.

That brings us to the latest news in Tesla's price-changing saga: the company's "Full Self-Driving (FSD)" option – which isn't fully functional yet – will see its price increase by $1,000 on August 16, CEO Elon Musk confirmed on Twitter today. The CEO went on to say that this option's price will increase even more "every few months," adding that those who "buy it earlier will see the benefit."

For now, FSD hardware will run a new Tesla owner $6,000 (it costs $8,000 if you get the upgrade later on), so presumably, that will go up to $7,000 next month.

That's a pretty hefty price to pay for unfinished tech, but it is worth noting that Tesla's FSD features do include more than the basic auto-steering and braking you may see in other modern cars. FSD includes "automatic driving from highway on-ramp to off-ramp," Autoparking in parallel and perpendicular spaces, Summon (which lets your vehicle find you anywhere in a parking lot) and automatic lane-changing capabilities.

Later this year, Tesla says FSD will enable fully-automatic driving on city streets, and the ability to "recognize and respond" to traffic lights and stop signs.

Whether or not $7,000 is a fair price to pay for the above-mentioned features is up to you, the customer, to decide. However, if you have both cash to spare and an interest in said tech, we recommend placing your order sooner rather than later, as you don't have long before the price is set to go up.