Forward-looking: While AMD and Samsung announced that they were teaming up for a multi-year strategic partnership back in June, we never heard when the fruits of this deal might arrive. Now, it's been revealed that the first Samsung-AMD chips will hit the market by 2021 at the earliest.

The agreement between the two tech giants will see Samsung license AMD's RDNA graphics IP for use in mobile applications such as smartphones, tablets, and Chromebooks.

As reported by NoteBookCheck, Samsung revealed in its Q2 2019 earnings call when these first chips would arrive: 2021, at the earliest.

Samsung didn't confirm which devices the chips would be used in, but expect them to feature heavily in its flagship phones, especially as 'gaming phones' such as Asus' powerful ROG Phone 2 are becoming more popular. By leveraging AMD's RDNA graphics architecture, Samsung's future Galaxy devices could feature high-end gaming capabilities and be advertised as gaming phones. Alternatively, the company could launch a separate line of gaming-specific handsets.

Samsung isn't the only one to use AMD's tech, of course. The current PlayStation 4 and Xbox One consoles use customized AMD processors, while both Google Stadia and the PlayStation 5 will reportedly be powered by custom AMD chips.

In other AMD news, the company used the same quarterly earnings call to reveal that its high-end Navi cards, which could compete with Nvidia's RTX 2080 Super/Ti products, are "on track." But whether they arrive this year or next remains unclear.

Image credit: Lukmanazis via Shutterstock