Forward-looking: Nvidia remans unchallenged in the 'enthusiast' video card category, with its all-powerful RTX 2080 Ti sitting at the top of the pile. But could the company be preparing a new entry in the RTX GeForce line? Perhaps a Super version of its flagship? Some newly discovered information suggests this might be the case.

As reported by Tom's Hardware, AIDA64, the popular system information, diagnostics, and benchmarking tool, added data in its changelog relating to an unannounced Nvidia GeForce RTX T10-8 graphics card.

There are few details on the mysterious card, but we know it is based on Nvidia's TU102 die, which is currently only found in the company's most powerful and expensive offerings: The RTX 2080 Ti, Titan RTX, Quadro RTX 8000, and Quadro RTX 6000.

One possibility is that this could be a 'Black' version of the Titan RTX. Nvidia did release a GTX Titan Black back in 2014, and this RTX incarnation may boost the clock speed or increase the memory of the Titan RTX.

What's just as likely is that the card is an RTX 2080 Ti Super, which will sit in the gap between the RTX 2080 Ti and the Titan RTX in terms of both price and performance. Hopefully, this card will offer more of a performance boost over its standard version than the RTX 2080 Super, which is only slightly faster than the RTX 2080.

Earlier this month, AMD boss Lisa Su confirmed that high-end Navi cards are "on track." When they do arrive, they could be a serious rival for the RTX 2080 Ti, which would explain why Nvidia might be preparing an even more powerful product.