In context: Technology is both a blessing and a curse in many ways. It's provided us with seemingly-endless medical advancements that have expanded the average human's lifespan, but it's also led to a number of other not-so-positive outcomes, such as wide-scale privacy issues, data breaches, and more. On a smaller scale, one particular technological advancement has a foot in both camps: algorithms (and machine learning in general).

On the one hand, machine learning is a fantastic way to simplify many tedious processes, such as data entry. On the other hand, though, it can seem a bit creepy: algorithm-driven recommendations across various media sites can sometimes feel a bit too personal, or in other cases, completely off-base. Either way, one thing's certain: some (but certainly not all) internet users would prefer not to have an AI recommend content to them.

To address this (admittedly minor) problem, Netflix is reportedly testing out a "Collections" feature for the platform's iOS version, according to The Verge. Collections are completely human-curated, and, as the name implies, they are effectively groups of content with different labels attached.

Unfortunately, we aren't part of the test ourselves and thus can't confirm precisely how Collections work. However, based on others' findings, the feature will have its own dedicated tab next to TV Shows and Movies in the Netflix app. Once you pull up the appropriate interface, you'll see sleek and attractive-looking groups of content with various titles, such as "Watch In One Night," "Keep It Light," or "Stream & Scream" – which should all be pretty self-explanatory.

This content has allegedly been hand-picked by critics, so depending on how much weight you attach to the opinion of media reviewers, that may be a positive or negative thing for you. In any case, it's at least nice to see Netflix give users a chance to experience word-of-mouth recommendations without needing to leave the app.

We'll let you know if this test is successful and rolls out to Netflix proper, but in the meantime, drop us a line below if you see Collections pop up in your Netflix app anytime soon.