Bottom line: Love him or hate him, you can't fault Ninja for making the most of his situation. If he's smart, he's banking most of this money and setting himself, his family and future generations up for financial stability.

Tyler "Ninja" Blevins on Tuesday announced an official partnership with German sportswear maker Adidas. Financial terms of the deal were not revealed, nor do we know how long the agreement runs for.

With the deal, Ninja becomes the first individual pro gamer to ever be signed by Adidas. The apparel specialist told Engadget that it hopes the deal highlights its commitment to gaming culture and "supporting creators who show dedication to excelling in their field."

Adidas is no stranger to the esports arena. Last year, for example, the German company announced a partnership with Danish esports team North. Competing brands Champion and K-Swiss have also signed deals with esports teams and players in recent memory.

Ninja inadvertently published a video titled "Ninja x Adidas: Time In" to his YouTube channel a few days ago but quickly removed it before it gained a substantial number of views. In light of the official announcement, it would seem that Ninja (or more likely, someone on his team) accidentally let the cat out of the bag early.

Ninja has been making the most of his fame as of late. Earlier this month, he made the jump from Twitch to Microsoft's streaming platform, Mixer. According to at least one source, Redmond forked over around $50 million to make that deal happen.