In context: Companies using crowdfunding campaigns to secure the money they need to develop a game is nothing new, but their funding goals are usually more than a single dollar, yet that's what Gearbox is asking for Homeworld 3.

Announced at PAX West, the third main entry in the space-based RTS classic Homeworld series is being developed by Blackbird Interactive. The studio has plenty of links to the franchise; it was founded by the first title's art director, Rob Cunningham, and was responsible for the Homeworld Remastered Collection.

At the time of writing, Homeworld 3's Fig campaign stands at $494,240 with 26 days left. But why did a company as large as Gearbox even bother with crowdfunding? Especially when it says that "we want it to be clear that the game is on a solid foundation, funding-wise."

Gearbox says the campaign offers a way for people to influence Homeworld 3's development. Backers can take part in a survey related to the game's "features, priorities and even what the collector's edition will include."

"We've been craving the right opportunity to dive deep with a community in a way only crowdfunding offers," Gearbox wrote. "With Homeworld's incredibly patient and thoughtful community, we've got exactly that opportunity."

By using Fig, Gearbox is also inviting Homeworld fans to invest in the game. Shares can be bought for $500 each up to a maximum of $10 million, and investors get a copy of Homeworld 3. Returns will be based on the revenue generated from sales of the game.

Homeworld 3 is still a long way off, with Q4 2022 listed as a release date.