WTF?! For those who use a PlayStation controller, be it with one of Sony's consoles or the PC, the buttons tend to be known as triangle, square, circle, and X. But the company says you're getting it wrong: there is no "X" button on the controller; it's called "cross."

It seems strange to think that the X button should be called “cross,” but that’s what one twitter account suggested recently, leading to an outcry from users arguing the point. Eventually, PlayStation UK stepped in confirming the names of the four buttons and making an interesting point: if the other three are referred to as shapes, why is X a letter—people don’t call circle the letter “O.”

Despite its official stance, most people disagree with PlayStation. It posted a survey asking what gamers called the button in question, and 81 percent of the near 170,000 participants chose “X.” Only 8 percent picked “Cross,” which was even less popular than the jokey “+ rotated 45 degrees” answer.

One Twitter user pointed out a flaw in PlayStation UK's argument. Nero Agent Crimson noted that crosses have the same distance between each stick, so drawing an outline around one would form a perfect square. Exes, like the one on the controller, don’t have the same distance between sticks and form a rectangle. “Basic geometry,” explains the user.

Ultimately, of course, you can call the button anything you want—two hugging lines, broken crucifix, whatever—though I’ve personally never heard it referred to as anything other than X.

Image credit: Tom Eversley via Shutterstock