What just happened? MegaBots, the Boston-based company that built a 16-foot-tall fighting robot, has gone bankrupt. As such, the firm is selling the 15-ton Eagle Prime on eBay, and its current highest bid is $50,500.

We’ve been reporting on MegaBots since 2015 when it was revealed that Japan had accepted a challenge to battle its MegaBot Mark 2. A couple of years later, the company said it wanted to crowdfund a giant robot fighting tournament, but it only managed to reach $54,370 of its $950,000 goal.

MegaBots co-founder Matt Oehrlein says the reason for its bankruptcy is because it can’t afford the interest payments on a loan it took out about three years ago, “so we’re selling the assets of the company to pay back the bank as much as possible before we file the final bankruptcy paperwork.”

Eagle Prime’s eBay listing states that about $2.5 million went into the robot’s construction. It’s powered by a 430-horsepower LS3 V8 Engine commonly found in the Chevrolet Corvette and comes with a small shipping container of spare parts and some swappable weapon attachments, which will require a forklift to attach to the robot. Buyers also get a perpetual license to Eagle Prime’s CAD files and source code.

Interested buyers should note that Eagle Prime will usually spring a hydraulic leak every 4 hours of driving and needs the plastic pads it runs on replacing, which will probably cost an extra $7,000.

Shipping a giant fighting robot isn’t going to be cheap, of course. Sending it to the West coast of the US could cost up to $4,000 while sending it to the East is $17,000. It’s even more expensive to send it abroad: $50,000.

Oehrlein said that despite the bankruptcy, he was very happy the project happened.