WTF?! Apple's iOS 13 has had numerous issues since it launched. Within days of the release, Apple has pushed three updates to the iPhone’s operating system, the latest coming today.

The initial release of iOS 13 was on September 19. It was followed by version 13.1 five days later to fix various issues. Less than 24 hours later it pushed iOS 13.1.1, which reportedly fixed a battery drain issue among other things.

On Monday, Apple released its third patch (v. 13.1.2) to remedy several other problems that the previous updates overlooked. The newest version looks to fix a glitch with the progress bar on iCloud backups, a bug that renders the camera nonfunctional, an issue with the flashlight not coming on, and more.

It seems the troubled operating system was a bit rushed to meet the launch of the iPhone 11, and Apple is now trying to play catch up to fix all the problems. Even before the initial release, beta testers were finding serious issues, including a bug that could reveal stored passwords without authentication.

Version 13.1.2 of iOS is available as of today, check for it in Settings > General > Software Update. To learn about the rest of the bug fixes in the patch, check out Apple’s support page.

Image credit: Bloomicon via Shutterstock