Why it matters: Ever wondered what the most popular Android smartphones are in each US state? It probably won't come as a surprise to learn that Samsung's Galaxy handsets dominate, being the most common Android phones in every location.

The data is provided by speedtest service Ookla (via PCMag). It found that when it comes to Android phones, the Galaxy Note 9 is the most popular in the US. It's the top choice in the majority of states, especially those in the south and on the west coast.

Sitting behind the Galaxy Note 9 is the Galaxy S8, which was most popular in northern and some eastern states. Finally, there's the Galaxy S9+, which was the top choice in two states.

When not exclusively looking at Android devices, the most popular phone in every state was the iPhone X. With Samsung and Apple taking 76.3 percent of the market, their dominance isn't unexpected. As PCMag notes, after Samsung's 28 percent market share, the next manufacturer is LG, which takes just 8.8 percent.

The Galaxy Note 9 hit stores in August last year, arriving to almost universal praise. The Galaxy S8, meanwhile, was released back in April 2017, while the S9+ launched in March 2018, so the Note 9 has gained the lead despite being the newest of the three.

As for the Galaxy S10 range, we might see some of Samsung's latest phones fight their way to the top of the popularity list next year. In our Best of Smartphones feature, we chose the S10e as the best Android option for most people, while the S10 Plus was rated best Android premium phone.