In context: Tesla's reveal of its Cybertruck was a strange mix of cynicism and wonder. Some thought it was amazing enough to score it 200,000 pre-orders. Others made fun of it --- even Lego.

Just days after Tesla and Elon Musk unveiled the Cybertruck, Lego poked fun at it by tweeting a picture of a Cybertruck Lego set consisting of a single 2x4 brick and two 2x2 wheel blocks with the caption, "The evolution of the truck is here. Guaranteed shatterproof."

While the light-hearted mockery was all in good fun, one creative designer took it to heart and created a real Lego Cybertruck complete with moving parts. Now, it may end up being a Lego kit if the fan-made design gets enough support.

A user who goes by BrickinNick posted his brick truck to the Lego Ideas website. Unlike Lego's joke, his Cybertruck is a fair representation of Tesla's futuristic-looking vehicle. It even has doors that open and close. The tailgate and hood are articulated as well.

Lego Ideas is a crowdsourcing website devoted to highlighting user-submitted Lego designs, which are hosted for about six months. The community can upvote creations, earning them more time. If enough people like it, the company will consider producing an actual Lego set based on the design.

So far, BrickinNick has gathered over 2,000 supporters (1,000 in just three days), winning his design an extra 547 days on the site. It was also selected as a Lego Staff Pick. However, having the truck labeled a Staff Pick does not mean it will get produced. It's more of a kudos and an indicator his creation is on the right track.

BrickinNick said that if he could reach certain support milestones, he would add more features to the Cybertruck, including doing the interior and adding a Tesla ATV and ramp. He's shooting for 10,000 upvotes.

Personally, I like the Lego version better than Musk's. However, like it or hate it, there is no denying Tesla's Cybertruck has stirred up quite a bit of attention that does not appear to be fading away anytime soon.