What just happened? Amazon gained a foothold in the smart doorbell market with its purchase of Ring, and now, the tech giant is using its subsidiary to expand into the smart lighting industry as well. According to documents filed with the FCC, Ring is currently developing replaceable smart bulbs, similar to what Philips Hue offers.

This news was first brought to light by "technologist" Dave Zats on Twitter, where he speculated about the niche the bulbs might fill. Zats says the "PAR38" smart bulbs could act as an accessory to Ring's existing outdoor lighting product line-up, an accessory for Ring Alarm (likely motion-activated), or they could be something else entirely.

While it's not the most likely possibility in the world – Ring is first and foremost a maker of home security products – the company could even be developing these bulbs to compete directly with the likes of Philips Hue and Lifx. Perhaps they will feature multi-color support upon launch or in a future iteration, but that's speculation on our part.

Aside from a few basic details, like the fact that these bulbs will feature Bluetooth, we don't know much about this upcoming product. However, we'll certainly let you know if any interesting new information comes to light.