In brief: The prefix "hyper" is often utilized to denote a product that is over the top or extreme in at least one category. D-Fly Group's new Dragonfly scooter certainly qualifies for the descriptor as it is fast, has great range and is pricey to boot.

The luxury personal recreational vehicle maker's Dragonfly scooter certainly looks the part. According to The Verge, the electric scooter is built from high-end materials like carbon fiber, 7000 series aerospace-grade aluminum and paulownia wood. It packs dual motors with traction control that's apparently needed to put the power to the pavement.

And power it has, too, as the scooter can hit a top speed of 38 mph with a range of up to 28.5 miles.

As an automotive enthusiast, I'm all about speed and power. But really, is a scooter that can reach nearly 40 mph all that safe? Hit a surprise pothole or have to swerve unexpectedly at top speed and you're in for a very serious crash. Just saying.

Elsewhere, you'll find a 4.5-inch 4K screen for displaying turn-by-turn GPS-based directions and a "high quality" sound system. There's even a specialized "Full-Tilt Technology" turning system that utilizes three-dimensional tilt and twist controls on a central pillar.

Interested parties can pre-order the Dragonfly from today but take note, it won't come cheap. A refundable $100 deposit gets your name on the list but the full cost will be closer to the $5,000 to $6,000 range depending on which model you go with.

The first units are expected to ship out to buyers next summer.