Why it matters: Talk about cutting it close. Just days ahead of its self-imposed deadline of the end of the year, Verizon on Monday rolled out 5G ultra wideband service in three additional cities, pushing the total number of installed cities beyond 30.

Cleveland and Columbus, Ohio, and Hampton Roads, Virginia, were the latest cities to get Verizon’s 5G service which now includes 31 in total. Verizon’s initial goal was to reach 30 5G-capable cities by the end of 2019. Talk about cutting it close.

Verizon flipped the switch in Los Angeles earlier this month before adding a whole host of additional cities to the mix just last week including Charlotte and Greensboro, North Carolina; Grand Rapids, Michigan; Miami, Florida; Salt Lake City, Utah and Spokane, Washington.

In Columbus, users will be able to tap into 5G service around various buildings on the campus of Ohio State University and even in the main ticketing area of the John Glenn Columbus International Airport. According to Verizon, this is the first US airport with live, commercially available 5G ultra wideband service.

Those in the Hampton Roads area can try out 5G in parts of downtown Norfolk, near the Boardwalk, at the Virginia Beach Hilltop Shopping Center and at Scope Coliseum, among other locations.

Users in Cleveland can access 5G in parts of the downtown area and near landmarks like Progressive Field and the Great Lakes Science Center. The lower seating area at the NFL stadium is also now blanketed in 5G, we’re told.

If you happen to be in one of these areas and want to try out the speedy network for yourself, you’ll need one of seven 5G-enabled devices. Interested parties can learn more about Verizon’s stable of compatible devices over on its website.