Rumor mill: We've heard for some time now that the successor to Samsung's Galaxy Fold will be a clamshell device, but a new report claims it won't be called the Fold 2. Instead, it will be named the Galaxy Bloom.

The news comes from South Korean media outlet Aju News (via SamMobile), which writes that Samsung's mobile division CEO, DJ Koh, held a secret meeting with telecom partners at CES, where he not only revealed the Galaxy Bloom name, but also confirmed that the Galaxy S11 line will be called the Galaxy S20, Galaxy S20 Plus, and Galaxy S20 Ultra---something we previously reported.

Exactly why Samsung has picked the name Bloom over the Fold 2 is unknown, though Koh apparently said the design inspiration for the device comes from Lancome's makeup compacts. This is supposedly because the company is targeting younger women with the Galaxy Bloom.

There will be a 4G and 5G version of the Galaxy Bloom, and rather than having a plastic screen like the Fold, it will be covered in a glass material called UTG (Ultra Thin Glass).

Both the Galaxy S20 and Galaxy Bloom will support 8K video recording, and Samsung has reportedly been working with Google on making the resolution more popular. YouTube is expected to enable 8K video streams soon after the handsets launch, which, if true, could also help Samsung push its 8K TVs.

While the report comes from a behind-closed-doors meeting, there are reasons to believe the veracity of the story. The next Fold has long had the codename 'Bloom,' so perhaps Samsung decided to use it in the final product, and many leakers have claimed the S11 will be called the S20. We'll find out for certain at the company's unpacked event on February 11.