Why it matters: With dual-screen devices set to bring the next evolution in mobile computing, developer adoption and support remains a key factor in driving the industry forward. Towards that end, Microsoft has announced the preview SDKs for its dual-screen Surface Duo and laid out ideas for optimizing app experiences on foldable devices.

The tech community has received a few updates from Microsoft regarding the company's upcoming foldables: The Windows 10X-powered Surface Neo and the smaller Android-powered Surface Duo.

The company's developer documentation on creating apps for dual-screen devices includes the preview SDK for the Surface Duo (coming soon for Mac OS), letting developers test their apps on the new emulator integrated into Android Studio for simulating "postures, gestures, hinge angle, mimicking the seam between the two screens, and more."

For the Surface Neo and devices that'll run Windows 10X, a new Microsoft Emulator will be shipped to developers, alongside "new APIs for dual-screen support, documentation, and code samples," through Insider builds. The emulator will support both UWP and Win32 apps in single- and dual-screen scenarios.

Microsoft also laid out new web standards for dual-screen devices as well as UX design patterns depicting app behavior and spanning across device orientation and layout. The company said that it's working on improvements to React Native and Xamarin frameworks for cross-platform developers.

In addition to this, the company also announced the Microsoft 365 Developer Day. The online event will take place on February 11 at 8:30 AM PDT, and dive into more details about the aforementioned updates.