Up for discussion: Online gaming is a pastime that many of us enjoy but for some, it can lead to lifelong bonds, romantic encounters and even marriage. Have you ever met someone special while gaming or know somebody that has? Feel free to chime in below!

I often turn to the Holstee Manifesto for inspiration. One particular line in the motivational poster - a framed copy of which hangs in my office at my nine o'clock - stands out. "If you are looking for the love of your life, stop; they will be waiting for you when you start doing things you love."

One of the activities that I know a lot of TechSpot readers are into is online gaming and according to a recent survey from PubNub, it's not uncommon for relationships of all sorts to blossom through this common interest.

In a survey of 500 gamers, PubNub found that 36 percent of respondents developed a lifelong friend through chat while gaming. More than 20 percent of those friendships have lasted at least five years and over three percent have persisted for more than two decades.

A full eight percent said they have found marriage or partnership via conversations had while gaming and 10 percent even admitted to having an affair that was sparked by gaming chat.

Monika Jurczyńska, a lifelong gamer and graphic designer, met her boyfriend of five years while playing Quake Live. "We now live together after I moved to Finland to be with him. The connection we have is strong, and if it wasn't for the ability to chat through gaming, we never would have met and formed the bond we now have," she said.

Whether or not a game offers a sound chat infrastructure can impact its overall success, too. More than 33 percent of players polled said good chat functionality can affect the likelihood of them playing a game.

Image credit: Guy and Girl courtesy aslysun