What just happened? Norman Reedus in a recent interview with Wired revealed that he hasn't lost touch with Japanese game designer Hideo Kojima. In fact, the two are "in talks to do other stuff," Reedus added, including some stuff related to Death Stranding.

Reedus and Kojima first came together years ago to work on Silent Hills, a survival horror game developed by Kojima Productions. A playable demo called P.T. was even made available for a brief time starring Reedus as the protagonist. Unfortunately, the project was scrapped in early 2015.

Months later, Kojima left Konami to start his own studio and shortly after, reconnected with Reedus to work on Death Stranding.

Reedus first talks about doing more work with Kojima around the 4:20 mark in the Wired video. The subject is revisited briefly around 8:15 when he says he is talking with Kojima about doing some Death Stranding stuff.

It's unclear exactly what Reedus is referring to - perhaps some DLC for Death Stranding or maybe a proper sequel? All we know for sure at this point is that the PS4 exclusive is finally heading to PC on June 2. Last week, we got our first look at what the game will look like running on a widescreen monitor.