In brief: Death Stranding arrives on the PC in a few months, and with it comes all the platform's benefits. One of these is support for ultrawide monitors, which has just been demonstrated by Kojima Productions.

Hideo Kojima’s company and publisher 505 Games recently announced that Death Stranding would hit Steam and the Epic Games Store on June 2, 2020, when you’ll also be able to grab a physical copy from retailers. The PC version adds the usual platform-specific features, such as higher frame rates and the aforementioned ultrawide monitor support.

Kojima Productions has tweeted a couple of videos comparing Death Stranding in its standard 16:9 aspect ratio to ultrawide. By jumping to 21:9, owners of supported monitors will be able to see more of the game’s world as they play. It also works with the cut-scenes.

Kojima himself has also been demonstrating Death Stranding’s photo mode on the PC, which allows wannabe photographers to alter the angle, expression, aperture, exposure, filter, frames, and more to create the perfect shot.

PC owners will get access to some Half-Life-themed cosmetic items, while those who pre-purchase will receive some Death Stranding HD wallpapers and a slew of in-game cosmetic items.

Along with Control, Death Stranding received most nominations at the recent DICE awards, but it only won two of the eight categories – Outstanding Achievement in Audio Design and Outstanding Technical Achievement. Kojima will be hoping his game does better at the Baftas, where it leads the pack (along with Control, again) with 11 nominations, though it missed out in the ‘Best Game’ category.