Forward-looking: Next-gen consoles from Sony and Microsoft are expected to launch during the 2020 holiday season. With the coronavirus impacting manufacturing efforts in China and disrupting daily life around the globe, it is entirely possible that one or both of these new systems get pushed back into 2021.

Microsoft earlier this week revealed detailed information about its upcoming Xbox Series X console due to tentatively launch later this year. Now, it's Sony's turn.

The Japanese tech giant on Tuesday announced via Twitter just moments ago that its lead PlayStation 5 architect Mark Cerny will provide a "deep dive" into the console's system architecture via livestream on Wednesday. It all goes down starting at 9 a.m. Pacific and you can watch over on the official PlayStation blog.

Unlike Microsoft, Sony has been mostly mum regarding details of its next-gen console. Aside from mentioning 4K and ray tracing support, cross-generational play and 120Hz support, we really don't know much of anything about the PS5. Images of dev kits have leaked but it is unclear if they are representative of the final product expected to ship this holiday season.

Rumors have persisted that Sony's system could hit the market with an MSRP of $470 or more. If true, and if Microsoft can significantly undercut that with its Xbox Series X, Sony could find itself between a rock and a hard place.

Masthead credit: PlayStation controller by Tom Eversley