Bottom line: Many people are up for a challenge when playing a game, albeit within moderation. When your title becomes primarily know for being obnoxiously difficult, the fun factor can go right out the window. It's a lesson that developer Capybara Games learned the hard way.

When developer and publisher Capybara Games announced the PlayStation 4 version of Below earlier this year, they said it would ship with an easier difficulty option in tow. Now they're set to deliver on that promise.

Below arrived on Xbox One and Windows PC on December 14, 2018. While some reviewers praised the dungeon crawler's visuals and sound effects, others lambasted the game for being overly difficult. There are no hints or tutorials and instant kills are a regular occurrence, as is excessive backtracking if you die.

As a result, many found the title not all that fun to play. Seems the critics won that discussion.

When Below launches on PS4 on April 7, it'll feature a new mode called Explore that allows players to, well... explore, the game's mysterious underworld without fear of getting offed at every corner.

Specifically, Explore mode will do away with hunger and thirst concerns. Instant kills are also going away and all damage will now be dealt slowly so players have time to recover. Capybara Games is additionally baking in permanent campfire checkpoints that can always be returned to after dying, reducing backtracking significantly.

The game's original mode will persist - now known as Survival mode - for those that crave torture. Xbox One and PC players will also receive Explore mode courtesy of a future update, we're told.