In context: Apparently, cheat software can be used for more than just cheating against other players. Someone has used Cheat Engine to force Doom Eternal into a third-person mode. Although id Software did not program in third-person, the Doomguy's 3D model can be forced into view by this trick.

After being delayed, Doom Eternal finally hit shelves to rave reviews, and has been flying off said shelves like "hotcakes." Although it has only been out for less than two weeks, somebody has already figured out a way to hack the game with Cheat Engine and console commands to make the game run in third-person.

Performing this mod yourself is reasonably straightforward. First, you need to download, install, and run the latest version of Cheat Engine (at your own risk). With the software running, launch Doom Eternal. Open Cheat Engine's process list with Alt+Tab and select the game. When it asks if you want to load the cheat table, select "Yes." When the files have loaded, check both of the scripts. Then go back to the game and open the console. Type "pm_thirdperson 1" and hit enter.

Keep in mind that Doom Eternal was obviously not designed to run in third person, so it looks a little strange seeing the Doomguy zipping around like a hummingbird (video above). The trick essentially forces the first-person camera back, so the Slayer's model is in view. The animation and camera angles look a bit off too, which should be expected since we weren't meant to see it in that way.

While it is a neat little novelty, I can't see myself playing the game this way for long. It seems way too awkward and doesn't feel right. Still, if you have already whizzed through the campaign and want to try something different, maybe it's worth a go.