Now that's a deal: It's turning out to be a pretty good season for the gaming community. Not only is there an influx of new content streaming in this spring, but we have also seen several excellent sales to keep us sated while we wait out quarantine efforts. But few of them can boast that 100-percxent of the sales go to Covid-19 relief efforts.

Humble Bundle is the latest to toss us a sweet deal. For the next week, the store is offering a bundle of games, ebooks, and comics for $30. It claims the package is worth $1,071. In total, there are 45 games and 26 digital books and comics. Most of the games are a bit older, but there are enough choice titles to make the $30 donation worthwhile.

Yes, donation. The sale is part of Humble's Covid-19 relief effort. All of the profits are going to help fund organizations helping during the epidemic.

"100% of the proceeds from your bundle purchase go to support organizations responding to COVID-19. For example, delivering protective gear to safeguard healthcare workers and providing medical care to infected patients," the company said.

You can pay however much you want, but only donations of $30 or more unlock all of the content. Skimming the selection reveals a handful of excellent games that make the price tempting. Titles like Into the Breach, Undertale, Hollow Knight, Fahrenheit: Indigo Prophecy Remastered, Sniper Elite III, Brutal Legend, and Agents of Mayhem make the bundle a good deal alone. Couple that with the fact that your donation goes to help get things back to normal, and it's hard to refuse.

As mentioned, you can donate more than $30, and many people have. Humble Bundle has set up a leaderboard of the top 100 gifters with the number one spot held by someone who contributed $10,000. The bottom 50 on the list are all tied with $100 donations. So far, the promotion has raised $558,010, with over 17,000 packages sold.

Another nice feature Humble provides is the ability to adjust the distribution of your payment. It has four organizations that it splits the money evenly between by default, but you can use convenient sliders to portion your funds however you wish.

The offer ends Monday, April 6, so don't wait too long to take advantage of it.