WTF?! It's hard to pinpoint who the Ludicrous PC is exactly built for: you, your child, or your inner child. But then, a drivable toy car with a gaming PC under the hood is likely going to appeal to all three at once. Origin's latest effort is inspired by YouTuber MKBHD's Tesla and includes a miniature Model S with a high-end liquid-cooled gaming PC under the bonnet to make for a drivable rig that puts out high fps and does 6mph.

Much like the Big O 2.0, Origin's Ludicrous PC is yet another exercise in excess. This time, however, the company isn't done with a one-off unit and is selling the driveable rig "for a limited time" to deep-pocketed customers and enthusiasts who are able to shell out over $13k for the privilege of owning one.

Under the hood of the Radio Flyer Model S toy car is a Corsair Hydro X-cooled Ryzen 9 3900X, an RTX 2080Ti, 32GB of Dominator Platinum 3200MHz RAM, 2TB of Corsair's MP600 NVMe storage and a 4TB Samsung 860 Pro SSD. These high-end components sit on an ASRock X570 Phantom Gaming ITX/TB3 motherboard and are powered by Corsair's 750W SFX PSU.

In terms of hardware configuration, Origin is keeping it strict and doesn't let buyers (or window shoppers) choose from any PC components other than the aforementioned parts. There are, however, five color options for the coolant to go with the iCUE RGB lightning underneath the car, which itself is offered in four exterior colors, along with black or silver turbine-style rims.

Origin also throws in a premium battery pack, car cover, and custom license plate with orders and the accompanying option to choose from peripherals like a keyboard, mouse, monitor, and speakers serves as an important reminder that the Ludicrous gaming PC itself, with its $13k+ price tag, is only good for driving and skidding around.

One of these can be seen in action in MKBHD's video, whose 'Apollo' Tesla Model S was Origin's source of inspiration for the Ludicrous PC, and makes for an amusing sight with the tall presenter inside.

The gaming rig on wheels is yet another extravagant project by Origin that'll probably find a parking spot inside several wealthy households, delivering a premium gaming experience when stationary, while being equally entertaining (for kids) when on the move.