Highly anticipated: There have been rumors around the PlayStation 5 getting unveiled in early June. What's confirmed, however, is that Sony is planning to introduce a compelling slate of 1st and 3rd party titles soon, which could potentially more than make up for the company's radio silence, outside of an abrupt controller unveiling and an impressive, but dull hardware deep dive event.

Microsoft has been firing on all cylinders in building up hype for the upcoming Xbox Series X, and occasionally misfiring as in the case of its recent 'gameplay' reveal event. Sony, meanwhile, has remained notably silent on its marketing efforts with the PS5 and is likely going to shift gears over the upcoming weeks.

In his presentation for Sony's Corporate Strategy Meeting, CEO Kenichiro Yoshida discussed several of the company's business segments, including Games & Network Services, where he reaffirmed the console's holiday season launch window.

He briefly discussed several hardware aspects of the PlayStation 5, including the console's customized high-speed SSD that can process data "approximately 100 times faster" than a PS4, the advanced 3D audio processing capabilities and the sensory benefits of haptic feedback and adaptive triggers on its accompanying DualSense wireless controller for a truly next-gen console experience.

"Games for the PS5 that deliver this new gaming experience are being made by both 1st and 3rd party developers," said Yoshida, adding that the company plans to introduce "a compelling lineup of titles soon."

He also touched on the expanding user base of Sony's gaming services including PS Plus, whose subscriber count stood at 41.5 million as of March 2020 and the streaming-based PS Now which had over 2.2 million users as of last month, helped by a 50 percent decrease in subscription costs in October last year.

Rumors around Sony's upcoming reveal point towards exclusives such as Horizon Zero Dawn 2 and the next iteration of the Gran Turismo series, alongside third-party reveals. While a sneak peek at the next God of War sounds too far-fetched, a glimpse into the next adventures of Kratos and Atreus would be highly appreciated.