Highly anticipated: After months of anticipation, Nvidia finally revealed its Ampere architecture last week. But while the company did announce the A100 GPU, which is designed for cloud computing, AI, and scientific uses, there was no mention of any gaming products. According to a new report, however, the new line of graphic cards will arrive this September, the same month that AMD's Big Navi GPUs arrive.

The claim comes from DigiTimes, which says that the long-time rivals are "set to launch their next-generation GPUs in September." The publication also mentions that graphics card vendors are set to drop the prices of current-gen products in the third quarter to further stimulate demand.

DigiTimes doesn't name a source or specify which graphics cards will arrive, and the site doesn't always get things right, but the story does line up with some previous reports. At the end of April, a China Times post stated that the consumer Ampere cards would be here in the third quarter and that Nvidia's AIB partners, including Asus, Gigabyte, and MSI, were clearing stock in preparation for the RTX 3000 launch.

Another report from the usually reliable DRAMeXchange research division of TrendForce also claimed both Nvidia and AMD were planning on releasing new GPUs in the third quarter of the year.

We've not seen any new graphics cards from Nvidia since the Super variant of the RTX 2000-series arrived, and they were based current products using the same Turing architecture. On the AMD side, the Radeon RX 5700 and RX 5700 XT launched last year but never exactly set the world on fire, and can't compete with Nvidia's best offerings.

Back in January, AMD boss Lisa Su promised that we'd see both Zen 3 and Big Navi in 2020, though this was before Covid-19 spread worldwide, so things could always change.

Following a postponement due to Covid-19, Computex is set to take place this September 28 - 30. Nvidia and AMD (and Intel) are rumored to be skipping the show due to pandemic concerns, but with lockdowns being relaxed, the two companies could backtrack and use the event to show off their next-gen cards.