In a nutshell: Despite the constant threat of global nuclear war, the eighties gave us some pretty awesome stuff. Now, two of the best things about the decade—Back to the Future and Transformers—are getting a crossover to celebrate the classic movie’s 35th anniversary.

Thanks to a collaboration between Hasbro and Universal Brand Development, you can now buy a new “time-traveling” Autobot called Gigawatt—named after Doc Brown’s famous “1.21 Gigawatt!” phrase.

The toy transforms into a vehicle in 17 steps. It’s obviously supposed to be the DeLorean from the movies, complete with gullwing doors, but it’s not a DMC-branded vehicle, which is why it’s referred to as “Time Machine mode.”

“The figure stands at 5.5 inches in Robot mode and can convert to Time Machine mode in 17 steps, plus it includes a blaster and whip antennae accessories, and features movie-inspired details from the film, including Doc Brown-style goggles, a flux capacitor chest piece, and time circuits,” reads Hasbro's description. “In time machine mode, the gullwing doors open and wheels rotate from vertical to horizontal to produce a hovering effect as seen at the end of the film.”

Gigawatt is available today from (though it doesn't appear to be on the site yet) as a limited run of 1,985 units. A second run will be available in October from and select retailers, releasing alongside a different color scheme variant.

In addition to the new toy, a four-part comic book series featuring Marty and Doc, Gigawatt, and a Decepticon plot lands on October 1. Great Scott!