Editor's take: At this point, given all of the delays and uncertainty around the console, you'd be forgiven for erring on the side of caution and playing the waiting game. I'm not saying not to buy the console but if it was my money, at the very least, I'd simply set the funds aside and wait to see what reviewers have to say when they get their mitts on it.

GameStop and Walmart are now accepting pre-orders for the Atari VCS 800 All-in Bundle which includes the console itself as well as a classic wireless joystick and a modern wireless controller.

GameStop's offering is for the Onyx (all black) version and is priced at $379.99. The video game retailer hasn't attached a firm release date as of this writing but notes that billing will not occur until the order is processed.

Walmart, meanwhile, is commanding $389.99 for a carbon gold variant that shows a ship date of November 27.

Optionally, you can pre-order the bundle directly from Atari in black walnut with guaranteed delivery "before December 24," also for $389.99.

Atari first teased its new console way back in mid-2017. It'd be another year before the project landed on crowdfunding platform Indiegogo where it managed to generate more than $3 million in funding from nearly 11,600 backers. It's now mid-2020 yet still, an official launch is months away and according to Atari, the first pallet of 96 production units arrived in the US less than two weeks ago.

On July 1, Atari shared a trailer for Missile Command: Recharged for the VCS.