Why it matters: There are plenty advantages to going with a smaller keyboard layout. Some prefer the minimalist look afforded by such a compact design while others are genuinely short on physical space and simply don't have room for a full-sized board. Still others enjoy the portability and additional room for a mouse that a 60 percent board affords.

Razer is going all-in on the miniature movement. After announcing a smaller version of its DeathAdder V2 mouse last week, the gaming accessory maker on Tuesday unveiled the Huntsman Mini ultra-compact form factor keyboard.

The latest addition to the Huntsman family is also Razer's first 60 percent keyboard - that is, a keyboard that has roughly 60 percent the number of keys as a standard Windows keyboard. In essence, the layout eliminates lesser used keys like the function row and the number pad, resulting in a more compact design.

And really, you aren't losing out on much functionality as the "deleted" key functionality can still be accessed as secondary functions via the remaining keys.

Razer's new keyboard can be outfitted with your choice of clicky or linear optical switches. Either way, you'll get a board equipped with polybutylene terephthalate (PBT) keycaps that are more durable than standard ABS keycaps and other notable features like per-key RGB lighting, a detachable USB-C braided fiber cable and onboard storage for up to five user profiles.

All boards feature aluminum construction and have a rated lifespan of 100 million keystrokes.

Razer's Huntsman Mini will be available in black and white finishes from July 14 starting at $119.99. Select configurations are available now with others slated to launch next month.